We are offering our take home clay kits for delivery! Order your stay-clation now! Clay packs come direct to you and include:


2 lbs of clay, your choice of red or white

4 colors, your choice of palette 

3 clay making tools

3 paint brushes

1 foam mat

1 instructional card with basic clay building techniques


We ship all clay kits from our Broad Ripple store VIA USPS. Please allow 5-7 days for the package to arrive to you. You can order from anywhere in the US, but if you're local, we'll fire up to 3 of your pieces for free at both of our locations. Shipping is included in your price!


Add the following options to your cart:

Extra paints, sold by the pack

Black and White Paint

Extra pounds of clay

Advanced Tool Kit


Clay On The Way

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
Color Pack
Clay Color
  • You'll get all of the goodies listed above. You can make any number of pieces- both fun and functional! Use your paints to decorate when completely dry. Pieces must go through a kiln to be fired. Without firing, they'll be porous and just for decoration. We include firing for up to 3 pieces per pack. Pieces must be bigger than 2 inches and stand on their own to be fired. We reserve the right to refuse to fire if your pieces do not stand, are smaller than 2 inches, if you paint with paint from another source, or if your piece is too wet or too thick.


    Please make use of our facebook and youtube channels for tutorials, tips and tricks! The clay we provide is low fire (Cone 04/06). You'll need to have that information handy should you take it elsewhere to fire.