For experienced potters, you can sign up for an at-home potter subscription for $125 per month (Membership fee of $125/ month does not include glaze firing fees.)


This membership includes:

  • 50 lbs of  clay* and glazes 
  • Our studio clays are Amaco white stoneware #38, Amaco warm brown  #58 and Amaco terra cotta #77.  Additional fees for Kentucky Brown Bear and  Amaco stoneware with grog #48, $25 per 25lb bag.
  • $.06 per cubic inch glaze firing fee
  • 10% off classes
  • Freebies and goodies throughout the year

*$125 subscription level includes all clay and bisque firing up to 50 lbs. Any clay above 50 lbs will be subject to retail pricing and firing fees. Only our studio clays purchased through us can be fired. Subscriptions must be cancelled 30 days in advance in writing or in person. Other terms and conditions may apply. 

Home Potter

Price Options
Home Potter
$125.00monthly/ auto-renew