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A Campground, a Craft Soda and a Pottery Studio all walk in a bar...

A bit over a year ago, I started snooping around a local campground by my house in Pendleton. If you know anything about local history, Pine Lakes Fishing Campground was... questionable. Not a family-friendly place. When the signs went up that there were new owners, and the articles came out about their plans, I thought how nice it would be for our community and people who like to camp. I didn't know that it would lead to a great friendship and business ally.

14 girls sitting at an orange topped table painintg on canvases, variious designs
A Birthday Paint Party!

Mystic Waters Family Campground is remodeled, revamped, and focused on good family fun under the new owners. Lisa and Rachel run the business with their whole hearts. They have held music nights, shopping experiences with local businesses, and run shuttles to Ruoff (Deer Creek?) Music Center for their guests. They have joined their local b2b organizations and hosted local businesses (Twisters Sodas!).

A brown Mug with an imprint of "Mystic Waters" in front of a blue mug
THE mugs

Initially, I pitched them on carrying a handmade mug in their retail store. And they do, and they're adorable. But our relationship has blossomed into so much more. We have hosted Painting on the Lake events, helped adorable kiddos celebrate their birthday with art and outdoor fun, and now we're gearing up to host a womens' retreat in March.

A small wooden cabin with a faux greenery wall, a window, two beds, and a table. Fairy lights strung on the rafters
VIP Cabin is Insta ready

I love working with local businesses, but I CHERISH making connections with local business owners. It's nice to make a few extra dollars selling them mugs, but it's essential to have other small business owners you can turn to for support, a few laughs, and some quiet time by a lake.

Check out the Retreat here. We are at the campground from Friday, March 8-10th. It's a full weekend of friends, art, food, and campfire. We'll make a few things, like canvas paintings, ceramic pieces, and maybe some resin jewelry- and if I sound like I am being vague, it's because I need YOU to vote on what you want to do. We'll eat some good food, make some fun drinks, and I will play concierge/bartender/therapist/art teacher as we just relax and enjoy. It's a fun local getaway, close to Indianapolis (but not too close) and right outside Pendleton. You can book single occupancy and not hear anyone snore, or quadruple occupancy and have a girls' sleepover.

A woman in a pink shirt and varigated flannel holding a cream colored soda
Me, Drinking a Twisters

And simply because I believe in truth in advertising, here's me drinking my Twister's while I write this blog. It's a Gene Keady with Marshmallow fluff. If you want more info, you'll just have to try it!

Mystic Waters Family Campground is at 5435 W State Rd 38

Pendleton, IN 46064. They have cabins, RV hookups, and rustic campsites.

Twister's Soda Bar is at 3289 Angle Road, Pendleton IN 46064

I am not being paid to write this, I genuinely love the owners of both of these places and go to both often!

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