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Obligatory Introduction Post

As much as I know about the history of KC, we haven't before had a blog. Some of you know, I am not the originator of Kiln Creations. I purchased KC in 2018 from Shannon Loomis, the OG. She started KC as one of the very first contemporary pottery studios in Indiana in 2001. Somewhere in the annals of history lives her opening day picture which shows a studio with about 120 pieces total and 4 tables. I found this picture which I love though and can date it as before 2018, but after 2010.

Shannon created KC with a vision and mission: inspire creativity in Central Indiana. We have done our very best since taking over to honor that mission and we hope we live up to it. We have also changed a lot over the years, just based on trends, what the community wants, and honestly, the type of art I personally like teaching.

When I took over in 2018, we offered 3 main crafts. pottery painting, mosaics, and succulents plant holders. We have grown, shifted, downsized, and upsized many times in the past 5 years. We have offered resin, fused glass, hand building with clay, wheels, alcohol ink painting, acrylic painting, and more. We have lit things on fire, made several pieces over weeks and fitted them together, created things only to smash them and make them into something else, splatter, bubbled, mashed and salted our artwork. We lived through a pandemic and did home deliveries, mask wearing, disinfecting, and lamenting. And we don't regret a single moment of it. (Especially not the lighting things on fire, that was great when it was on purpose. And the disinfecting stuff has stuck around as a habitual need.)

Currently, we offer pottery painting on a walk-in basis. We have over 4,000 pieces on the shelves, over 100 paints to choose from and no I cannot do the math on how many combos that is. In 2019, we started acquiring and pouring more molds, initially just for personalized offerings. We now have over 1,000 unique and retro molds that we pour in a seasonal rotation or really, just when you ask for it. Our 9 wheels can be rented for parties, one-on-one teaching, or booked for couples' nights. We offer regular events, hand building clay classes, summer camps, and this year, we're planning a women's retreat.

We exist to give you a chance to express yourself. Paint, create, learn, enjoy. If you've never been in, come meet us and say hi. If you come every week, we already miss you!

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