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Every grandparent has a defining moment in their lives. It's when you pick your grandparent name. You might be find as Grandma or Grandpa, but some need a little more flair. Try out your grandparent name for a few days, then slap it on a mug and tell the world!  


These are first round mugs and will be hand detailed. Please allow for slight color variations and text variations. Name are hand detaild and yhou can choose Cursive font (Shown), Bold Font,  Handwritten Font, or Child's Handwritting (Some letters reversed, not straight). These mugs are stoneware, 5.5 inches W and 3.5 inches H, and can go in the microwave and dishwasher.


Color choices for the body of the mug include: Denim (Pictured on Guybo Mug), Cinnamon, Deep Purple, Landon Coral (Pictured on Bless your Heart), or Frosted Pink. Label colors can be Aqua (Pictured on Guybo Mug) or Red. Names are in Black. 

Hello My Name Is... Grandparent Mug

Color of Mug
Color of Tag
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