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We are launching our newest Piece of the Month Clubs and it's perfect for kids (and kids at heart!) Pick from our selection of Party Pals! Party Pals are small animal figurines with big attitude! Your little artist can come in any time and use their passes. They can come once a month and paint all year, or finish all twelve in one go! Bring them in yourself or send them with their daycare provider without needing to send cash or your card!


The best part: they pick the piece! Only like Unicorns? Perfect, we've got plenty. A new obsession with sea creatures? Great! We have the whole crew.


At the end of the year, you'll have 12 pieces painted by your little artist's expert hand!  Pieces to choose from include our full line of Party Animals (small animals orginally priced $18-22). Your yearly subscription of $200 is a $3-5 savings per pal!!


There is no shipping on these items. They must be picked up at the Noblesville location. First come first served, no holds or substitutions. Once purchased, we'll have a record of your membership at the studio. Simple give your name when you come to visit and let us know how many passes you would like to use for that visit. All party pals must be painted within one year from the date of purchase. 

Party Pal of the Month Club

Price Options
One-time purchase
Party Pal Monthly
$20.00every month for 12 months
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