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Juliet's Story

Recently, my 8-year-old asked me, "What is Israel?" I explained to her the concept of countries in some exasperation as I was washing the dishes, and she expanded. "Ok, but what is going on with Gaza?"

The war on Gaza, the political implications, the history of the area were all things I hoped to shelter my kids from, but I realized there are children living in the destruction of what the answers to those questions mean every day. We ran through the story in the simplest terms I could think of. When she started asking me what we could do to help the children there, I was stunned. Not because it surprises me that children's capacity for empathy is astounding, but because I didn't have an answer. How do you stop a war? How do you rail against the reasons for the conflict? As I sat in my stupidity, she made the answer clear. She wanted to send the kids stuck in the conflict money to buy food and water. 

The Watermelon Fundraiser

Here we are. She asked me if we could send them money. And we can. So we will.
I don't know how much money we can raise. I don't know how much it will help. I just know I couldn't tell my 8-year-old no. 

The Watermelon has become a symbol of Palestinian support and solidarity. Forgetting all of the politics and sides and complaints- 18,000 children have been hurt in the conflict this year alone. Children are experiencing a huge burden in this conflict. And we can help ease the problem.

Will you help us?

The 3 W's

What: We are hosting 3 events AND donating a percentage of sales to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund.


Friday evening, join us for a Stoneware Watermelon Bowl or Mug Painting. We will show you how to create a fun and easy watermelon look to your choice of a bowl or mug. Stoneware pieces run from $30-75.


Saturday, join us from 11-6 and 20% of all sales go to the fund. No need to reserve our seat for the day, just pop in! Paint whatever you'd like, pay for it the day of, and 20% of your sale goes to the fund!


Saturday Night, we're painting watermelon bowls! Your seat fee goes to the fund, and you pay for your choice of bowl the night of. Bowls run from $26-75.


Sunday we will have two seating for a watermelon feast. Snack on watermelon drinks, candies, jellies, and fresh watermelon! Paint whatever you'd like and pay for it the day of. 

Where: Both locations. We are also happy to take this show on the road. If you are interested in hosting a sip and paint at your location, please contact us!

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