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How to Prep for a Snowy Weekend in Central Indy

Louise here to give you all of the tips and tricks to make sure you're ready for what could be a snowy weekend.

Blue truck on a city street at night surrounded by 36 inches of snow, taken from a grey porch
A picture from our porch in 2016, we got 3 feet that winter in back to back storms. My husband's truck is clean because it was in the garage at work where he was for about 76 hours straight.

As some of you know, I am from Maryland. Every time I mention that people say, "Oh you get a lot of snow up there" and this statement is true and false. We did have times of tremendous snow dumps, memorably, the winter of 2011 when we moved into our first house, we had 24" in one storm. The false part of that statement is "up there." Where we lived was actually on the same longitudinal course as central Indy, we just got more snow because of the Chesapeake Bay. (Is there a term for that? Bay Effect snow?) All this to say, I am an expert at snow prep. And, apparently, geography.

Prepping for snow is just that, a whole lot of before the storm work. We'll go in order of importance, and I will not be including "Buy milk and toilet paper," on this list, that is a given.

  1. Locate your snow shovel and put it by the door you come in most often. That is the one you want to shovel your way out of. If it lives in the shed, you don't want to have to tromp through the snow to get it, so get it now.

  2. Locate your car cleaner off thing. Whatever you use when you are prepared. We like these multi tool ones for whatever you might encounter, but really a dollar store scraper and a broom are fine, we won't judge. We have one for the house, because that is where you are when the snow starts, and one that lives in each car. You say obsessive, I say prepared.

  3. Check your 'fit. Do you have weather appropriate shoes? A coat? Mittens? Do your tiny humans? With four kids it's a scramble when there's snow to make sure everyone is properly outfitted. I will also not judge if your mittens are your spouse's crew socks. Just be protected from the cold.

  4. De-icer. Get a pet friendly de-ice material even if you don't have pets. They are usually more eco friendly and better for kids too. Here's our favorite!

  5. Plan out your entertainment. Set up a watch list of your favorite shows, download a new book to your kindle, and pick up a pottery to go kit! You can always choose whatever you'd like in your kit, get the colors you need, and we'll even send you with brushes.

the inside of our pottery studio, long wall of pottery on shelves with a gray background

Share what your snow prep looks like on our facebook page! Tell us the boring parts- I am always looking for a new shovel- and the fun stuff. Also, if we get absolutely no snow this weekend, feel free to make fun of me for prepping. But if we get two inches and I have to save you with the car cleaner offer thing that lives in my van, I will not make fun of you, I'll just open amazon on your phone and type the link in for you.

*This post contains amazon affiliate links. Should you follow my link to purchase something like a car de icer snow thing, Kiln Creations might make 3 cents. Thank you!

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