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This weekend in Central Indiana

If you don't already have plans for this weekend, or if you're looking to add something fun, let us be your guide!


Friday July 12th 6-8p- Noblesville Saturday July 13th 6-9p Greenwood Explore the world of the High Fae, debate whether Tamlin really was that bad, and make your very own piece of art from Sarah J Maas' run-away hit A court of Thorns and Roses. $12 + cost of pottery, freebies, snacks and art.

High Art at Greenwood Friday July 12th 6-9p

Pick a cupcake, pick a piece and vibe! $12+ cost of pottery.

Saturday July 13th 6-8p

Just what it sounds like! Try our candy salad and bring something to add to the pot! $5 + cost of pottery

Sunday July 14th 5-7p

Make your own macrame plant holder, choose a planter from our collection, and plant something! $30

Sunday July 14th 3-5p

We can discuss any Bridgerton or Featherington you'd like, just so long as you don't leave me out of the gossip!

Saturday July 13th 11-1, 230-430

Try out the potter's wheel before you sign up for a 4-week course. Get just dirty enough to like the experience. $45/per person

Couples' Wheel Lesson Sunday July 14th 3-5p

Bring your muffin, lover, schmookie, or worst enemy. We don't mind. As long as you come ready to get messy. $85/ Per couple

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