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5 Things I want from Art in 2024

meme saying "Why are they called paintings. You're done, that there's a painted"

It may seem strange to talk about "art" as an active partner in my life, but when it's your literal business, that's the vibe. I eat, sleep, and breathe art, but it's really almost always other people art (you know, OPA.) I help other artists pick colors, learn about our glazes, and perfect their eye dots. I dip their pieces, load them into the kiln, and pray to the kiln gods that they won't shiver. (benedictions free with purchase!) It fairly rare that I think about the art I am going to make for myself. By myself. Indulging myself.

A blue board with a handmade clay coral reef replica
A Coral Reef on board

During the pandemic, I was sitting in an empty studio wondering what to do with my life in general and I started playing with wet clay. We always offered it, and I had a few patterns up my sleeve at that time like gnomes and Christmas trees. But I just allowed myself to explore and play and I made a lot of these flower/sea urchin/cactus wall hangings. They gave me a much-needed escape, filled time, and became a really great class after the air cleared.

But as we roll into 2024, I want to start being more intentional about what I expect from Art this year. I want to be intentional with my expectations and maybe reach some goals. The following are 5 things I want from Art this year, in no order and with no guarantee they make any sense.

  1. I want my art to travel. My personal art. I see a lot of our pieces "in the wild" in their new homes. People send me pics from Cali, Arizona, Maryland and more of things that have been made in my shop by amazing visiting artists. But I want MY art to travel. Whether you buy something from our store (I make everything there!) or maybe you'll catch me at a show, please promise to send me a picture of my art living happily in a new zip code.

  2. I want my art to start conversations (and maybe make me some friends.) Last

  3. I want my art to expand. Last year, I committed to learning textural painting. I took a class from another artist, I loved the process, and I think the finished pieces are adorable. They are fun and sometimes garish and maximalist and whimsical and really just... me. This year I want to find another medium to dabble in. I was considering enamel pins...or 3d printing...or something else.

  4. I want my art to help me relax. I have spent a lot of time stressing, fussing, fretting and otherwise upsetting myself over art. I want this year to be the year where i reconnect and do some pieces just for the love of it.

  5. I want my art to come home. Everyone tells me "Oh you must have so much of this is your house!" And it's not untrue. I have about 3 shelves dedicated to ceramics and a full wall of painting. But honestly? They're my kids' works. I don't have a lot of MY art hanging. And I should. I should honor what I make.

two paintings of goats, one browns and blacks, one in watercolors rainbow
Giant Goats, Maybe no thte right piece to hang in my modest house
a textural painting in rainbow pastels
Teeny, tiny 3d Painting
A cermaic mug with a moonscape over the desert in blues
My favorite piece in our online shop

What do you want your art to do for you this year? Do you want to spend more time alone? Be more creative? Make something intricate? Try out a wheel class? Check out our events tab and let us help you reach your goals, or tag us on facebook. We want to hear from you.

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