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Pottery Wheels in Noblesville

A man in a black hat assists a woman in a black shirt while she throws on the  pottery wheel
Just a couple of loverbirds doing the "Ghost" pic

In case you missed the memo, we have 8 pottery wheels at our shop. They live in what used to be our party room and they are glorious. And messy. And Fun.

I had the pleasure of teaching the most recent Couples Wheel Class, and it was so much fun. We had a great group who weren't afraid to dive right in and learn something new. If you are looking for a great date night, this is it. But I also realized a few things.

  1. People are sometimes afraid of getting messy. In all fairness, pottery wheel messy is next level, but it is just dirt. It will just dust off of your clothes when you're done.

  2. Pottery wheels can be intimidating. People really do get master's degrees to learn about clay and glazing, so it's to be expected that the intricacies of clay composition and application can't be mastered in a 1.5 hour class, but I promise you can have fun and most people can make something in a one-time class.

  3. People really underestimate how well they are doing. Truly. I was complementing the class because all 6 people ended up with a piece and they thought I was being too generous. If you have fun, it's been a good class. have fun AND MAKE A POT??? I am over the moon for you.

Join us for class sometime. Couples' classes can be for a couple or a situationship or two pals. We really don't mind. Or you can check out our four-week wheel class here.

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