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Celebrities in the Pottery World

A black vase with drips of red, orange, yellow and blue on a grey  gravel drive
Kaelyn made this Volcanic Vase featured in CCSA Today, Fall issue

This year has been one of new experiences for me as an owner. My little team has been featured in magazines for their innovative and fun projects, we had our pieces sell at an auction, we were featured in local art shows, and I taught at a convention for other pottery studio owners. There have been nothing but busy times both in the studio and out as we take on new partnerships and bigger events.

logo tile in yellpow background with mic and rainbow streams that says "Glazed over" in Black and "Podcast" in oranges

But one of the big, surprising, scary, intimidating and unexpected adventures has been launching the podcast "Glazed Over" with Ammie Williams and Christine Steele. I am the executive producer and at times I feel like a monkey trying to type out the bible. I am never sure of what I am doing, I have to parlay with people who are functioning about six levels above me mentally and ceramically (is that a word, who knows anymore?), and people trust me to like, plan things? It has been very difficult and very rewarding. Working with Ammie and Christine is working with celebrities too, which is fun.

A white woman with blond hair on a deck in a white shirt, green shorts and yellow croc shoes
Ammie Williams in HIGH HEELED Yellow Crocs

Ammie Williams, The Rainbow Mugs, Crocs, and more

Tile from instagram ammieyall purple background, mug with purple, blue and green that says "Purpose" in Black

Ammie Williams is known for her fun and flirty rainbow themed pottery. She has her own line with one of our major suppliers, her pre orders sell out faster than I can say "Brent, stop flickering the lights," and she has her own Croc Jibbit (though they are currently sold out, I know, #heartbreak.)

Her style is as iconic as she is. Her next sale goes live on her website, on 1/30, and she's selling hand crafted Word of the Year mugs. Which we have done in a class and didn't sell out so obviously it's her design that's the winning touch here, lol. It has been great getting to know her and getting some of her Instagram Audit advice for freeeeeeee. (You can too, if you listen to the podcast.)

Christine Steele, Intuition, and Bob Ross

White woman with glasses in a tie dye shirt in front of a finished Bob Ross style landscape
Christine at a Bob Ross Class

Christine is the second half of the talent for Glazed Over, and I am happy to say we connected before we started recording and I dragged her into this. She is one of those people you meet who feels like home. We met online through the pandemic and leaned on each other for ideas, commiseration and support. We finally met in person this year at an industry convention, and they say don't meet your heroes, but they were wrong about her. She is as great in person as she is online.

Her studio is incredibly welcoming, and she means it when she says she truly loves her customers. She not only offers pottery painting, wheel throwing and regular canvas painting, but she is a certified Bob Ross teacher. Which means you can zen out in twenty different ways at her studio. If you are 70 miles from Butler, PA, give Steele's Brushes and Ceramics a try.

I have loved working with both of these gals and our podcast is a fun listen, even if you don't own a studio. If you have suggestions of what you'd like us to talk about, email me here and I will seriously consider every suggestion. We are aiming for pottery studio owners, but we think any small business owner or artist can find a reason to tune in.

Respectfully Glazed,


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