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Greenwood, here we come!

I feel bad constantly drilling into you all about the same thing over and over again, but what 5 years in this industry has taught me is that the people who read blog posts are not the people who read facebook are not the people who open emails are not the people who like face to face information.

So, for the millionth, or first time, we are opening a brand new second location! We will be at the Greenwood Park Mall in the former JackRabbit Athletic store spot. Which means we'll have an outside door for quick picks and drop off, pleeeeennnnnttty of parking, tons of fun surrounding places to eat and play, and we'll get to see a whole new set of customers!

We hope to see you there and to become your favorite thing to do in Greenwood. We are opening this new location in just 16 days!! April 27th is our target for Grand Opening Festivities. We are still hiring for this location, and you can submit your interest to Louise at We are hiring for Paint Coordinators and Assistant Managers. We can teach anyone how to paint, load a kiln, and create memories, so if you have good customer service skills and are generally a people person, reach out!

This location will be paint your own pottery only, with events, birthday parties and more. We'll have 2500 square feet, hundreds of choices of pottery, and millions of combinations of paint to choose from.

As soon as I have the phone number I will update this post, but check us out on Facebook!

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