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The Romance of Pottery

The following article was originally shared at We are reprinting it here with permission from the CCSA, and with some edits about our studio!

For your next anniversary, date night, or any other excuse to be with your loved one, consider paint-your-own pottery as a form of connecting and creating together. There is no better gift than one you have created by hand, either together or for each other, and Paint Your Own Pottery is the perfect way to achieve that.

One way to design a gift that the other will love is to each pick out what piece you would want, either something like a kitchen item you’ve been needing or a piece of decor you love and have each other paint it. You could choose what color palette you prefer or let them completely use your artistic liberties! It’s a great way to see what patterns and designs make your partner think of you. And, top it off with a secret love note on the bottom!

For anniversaries, consider creating a piece to commemorate the date. Create a platter with the colors from your wedding invite, cover a mug in doodles representing different memories you share, or paint a frame to put your favorite picture in! For finishing touches, many studios offer custom art in the form of writing or detailed work – consider adding your names with your anniversary date or something along those lines to commemorate your time together.

If you’re feeling especially frisky, many studios also offer naughty pottery during certain hours or at 18+ events. Create something NSFW to spice things up, or try surprising each other with a piece the other wouldn’t pick out for themself.

While more risque events are fun, there is plenty of room for quality time in other classes as well! Creating, sometimes even failing, can be a great way to bond, learn, and share a laugh.

Our upcoming Valentine's Date events include an Adult Date Night, Couples' Wheel Classes, a Couples' Retreat and a Paint with Rapunzel.

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