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Upcoming Events, Week of April 8th

I have been reserving the blog space for things that I think are mind- blowing, exciting, or important and I realized everything could be exciting if you don't already know about it, so we're going to switch to a more captain's log style. What's coming up, what we're working on in the studio and what we want you to know.

First up is "just" an upcoming events post.

We have a few sip and paints this month, and two are this week. Tonight, Tuesday April 9th, we're at the Chilly Water Taproom in Center Grove for Beer steins. These are stoneware- which means they can go in the dishwasher and are super strong.

Thursday we are doing the same project at Klooz Brewz from 6-8p. We are doing this project because it's fun, easy, and perfect for the brews you already like at the place we are already going!

This isn't a traditional class; we don't walk the creators through a lesson. We pre-screen the squishmallows onto a plate, and creators can choose their own colors, techniques, and background. But everyone ends up with a great plate, a few treats, and a mystery squishmallow!

We also have a few spots left in our every-Saturday Try It! Wheel class. Learn the very basics about how to throw and see if you might like a 4-week wheel class.

But no worries, we still have room for walk-in painters!

A fan favorite event rounds out our Saturday, with Studio Ghibli lovers taking over! We use design sheets to transfer our favorite characters onto any piece we offer. Favorites are our van planters as cat buses, one of our many mugs as Calcifers, or plates with Princess Mononoke. Your $10 ticket is your seat fee and admission to our full fun Japanese snack bar.

Sunday is a quieter day, but we're not without something fun up our sleeves! We have a brand new stoneware class, Paint Chip Pieces. We'll walk you through step by step from picking the perfect piece, choosing your basecoats and applying the glaze, to choosing your paint chip colors.

This application can be done on a mug, pie plate, serving platter, salad plate, vase and more! $5 is your seat fee and our stoneware pieces run from $28-$70.

Hopefully I can keep up with running these posts once a week to give you an idea of what we have going on, but if you want up to date info and invitations, add yourself to our email list!

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